Nova launches new metabolic short-stay surgery center at Tardeo

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Post-bariatric surgery hospital stay cut short

Procedures that require 12-24 hours of hospitilisation Sleeve Gastrectomy - 12 - 24 hrs Gastric Band Surgery - 12 - 24 hrs Gastric Bypass 24 hrs

The technology used for bariatric surgery has evolved to such a degree that patients undergoing certain procedures can go home as early as twelve hours after surgery.

Dr Raman Goel, the head of bariatric surgery at Nova, said over a sample size of 70 patients operated over the last year, 42 patients have gone home in less than 24 hours and 10 have gone home on the same day after 12 hours.

He was speaking at the launch of Nova's new metabolic surgery day-care and short-stay centre at Tardeo. A day-care option for an intestinal surgery is a fairly new concept in India. And not everyone believes that it is in the best interests of the patient to leave the hospital in such a hurry.

"A bariatric surgery, even if it's laparoscopic, is a serious surgery of the intestine. Treatment protocols demand that patients stay for at least 36 hours. Some very selective, low-risk patients can be sent home within 24 hours. But we recommend that patients stay in a hospital between 24-36 hours," said Dr Shashank Shah, head of obesity surgery department at LH Hiranandani Hospital.

Dr Shah is not very supportive of the day-care option for bariatric surgery patients. "Any intestinal surgery carries with it a certain amount of risk. We ask patients to stay in the hospital for a longer period so that we can perform tests on them post-surgery," he added.

Dr Goel, though, maintains that even in a day-care situation, the patients' safety is not compromised in the least. "We use modified techniques and procedures to ensure that the patient's surgical outcome is better. On an average, we spend 20 minutes extra in surgeries performing procedures that some other doctors may overlook," he says.

Dr Sanjay Borude, bariatric surgeon with Breach Candy hospital, says, that even with all the protocols, he prefers to keep his patients for at least 48 hours. "There are certain complications that can arise post-surgery," he said.

Dr Goel puts down these concerns to the fact that people are not used to the change in protocol and procedures.

"Earlier, a gall bladder surgery required days of hospitalisation, today the patients can go home within five hours. Similarly, over a period of 10 years we have been bringing down the hospitalisation time required for bariatric surgery," he said.

"We used to do open surgeries and it used to require seven to 10 days of hospitalisation. When laparoscopic techniques became popular, the patients' stay-time decreased to three to five days. Then we brought it down to 48 hours and today its 12-24 hours. This doesn't mean that we're taking chances with the patient's safety," he said.

By Rito Paul

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